Our Personalized Matchmaking

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Profile Display

Your profile with photo will be displayed on our website.
Only your nickname will be displayed. Your name and contact details will never be displayed.

Member's Area

  1. FREE Meetmatch Members will have a limited access to Member's Area. They will be able to login, update and see their own profiles but no access to other member's profile details.
  2. PAID Meetmatch Members are privilaged to login and see detailed profiles and photos.
  3. "Advanced Search" will enable you to search suitable matches through different criteria.
  4. You will be able to send text messages to your matches directly from our website.

Contact Info

PAID Meetmatch Members can click on a given link on each member's details page to receive their names, contact and other details to their given email inbox.

Personal Consultation

We will provide the following in matchmaking
  1. If requested, we will help to fill your Registration Form through phone or in person.
  2. If you so wish, you may meet us or skype with us with prior appointment by email.
  3. We can search right matches for you based on your expectations.
  4. We can contact your selected matches on your behalf.
  5. We can arrange meetings between both the parties.
  6. There is also an option to hide your profile but you will be able to login and see other member's profiles.